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EGS-CC System


The EGS-CC system comprises of the software source code and binaries for a given EGS-CC based system. The EGS-CC is a common software infrastructure to support space systems monitoring and control in pre- and post-launch phases for all mission types.

The EGS-CC is intended to provide main building blocks and reference implementations for Mission Control System (operations) and Electrical Ground Support Equipment Monitoring and Control Systems (spacecraft AIT).


The main system features include:

  • Support of all mission types
  • Support of all types of space systems
  • Support of all mission phases
  • Open, component based, service oriented architecture
  • Generic and extensible functionality
  • High performance and scalability
  • Layered implementation
  • Clear separation between generic M&C functions (kernel) and specific features of the controlled system (adaptation layer)
  • Clear separation between infrastructure (EGS-CC proper) and specific additions (EGS-CC based applications)
  • Long term maintainability
  • Inter-operability through standardised interfaces
  • Support of long term evolution though technology isolation (as far as possible)


EGS-CC aims to provide a common set of building blocks to develop M&C systems, as well as complete implementations of reference applications (MCS and EGSE systems).

It is specified and design in three main layers:

  • Kernel, which contains the generic functionality applicable to all applications and missions, for both general purpose, and monitoring and control functions. It is intended to be reused across all EGS-CC based systems for all applications, missions and purposes and cannot be modified.
  • Reference implementations, containing application specific functionality, intended to be applied in some but not all EGS-CC based systems. This layer is what adapts EGS-CC software to a given application and mission. The reference implementations may be replaced or adapted for the specific needs of a mission or organisation. The EGS-CC will provide specific reference implementations for a selected category of missions and applications (e.g. PUS spacecraft, SLE ground stations).
  • Reference test facilities, providing external functionality needed for testing EGS-CC based systems in isolation. Test facilities are not part of EGS-CC based systems, but implemented for supporting tests.



The functional scope of EGS-CC covers:

  • Component framework, runtime platform, communications, and service integration
  • Application support
    • System configuration, file management, messages, security, and time synchronisation.
  • M&C components
    • M&C modelling and processing, including parameter monitoring, control activities, verification, and events, supporting live, playback, retrieval and replay modes.
    • Data archive
    • Automation procedures
  • M&C services provision
  • M&C adaptation for MCS and EGSE
    • CCSDS TM/TC processing
    • Modelling of onboard services, PUS standard
    • Ground station interface and SLE
  • User interfaces:
    • User desktop, displays, applications, M&C model browser.
  • Off-line tools:
    • Preparation tools
    • Basic post-processing and reporting tools
  • Testing environment to support development